Welcome to the N.W. Faison House and Museum

On the National Register of Historic Places
822 South Jefferson Street
La Grange, Texas

The N.W. Faison House, one of the oldest in Fayette County, boasts original furnishings of the wealthy Faison family, whose members occupied the home for nearly 90 years.  Relatively unaltered since its construction in the mid-19th century, it was the home of one of the earliest settlers of the area, Nathaniel W. Faison (1817-1870), a military hero, land baron, and benefactor of the African American community after emancipation.

The structure is recognized at the state level of social signifigance becuase it is one of the first few residences in Texas to be solely owned by an African-American freedwoman, Louisiana Brown (1819-1909), to whom Faison deeded the home in 1870.

The antique furnishings, artwork, and everyday household items reflect the history of early Texas, from settlement to the discovery of oil and give glimpses of family life from the 1870s to the early 1900s. The home brims with stories of pioneer settlement, hardship and prosperity, race relations, and the lives of wealthy Texans in the Gilded Age. 

The Faison Preservation Society welcomes your help in maintaining this historic treasure for future generations.


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